It is a maximum adrenaline experience, for all those visitors/tourists who visit our islands, and want or need to have a top level motorsport experience. Clients will run 2 stints of 12.5 minutes each, and they will drive 2 karts of modern technology: 140 hp for 300 kg.

Pilot-monitors: Flavio Alonso, former Spanish Rally Champion on Gravel and Miguel Santana, former Kart Cross Champion of Las Palmas.

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The Canarian driver who has won the most international awards is Flavio Alonso, a man who has proven to have a natural talent behind the wheel of a race-car.

Proof of this are his 10 Canarian and Las Palmas Championships (absolute and in Group N), as well as the 19 Masters (regional, national and international) and his latest achievement: becoming the Spanish Gravel Rally Champion. In addition, he has the support of fans and spectators who support him from the roadside, making him the most charismatic Canarian driver.

As a significant fact, he has been named by the national specialized press as the successor of Carlos Sainz and, in turn, as the best rally driver in the Canary Islands in 2001.

In his sports career, he has been successful several times in the three disciplines that make up sports car racing (gravel rallies, circuits, and tarmac rallies); a national record that only this Canarian pilot holds.


TEAMDRIVE is the reference in the driving training sector in the Canary Islands, so it currently has the backing of public organizations and private companies, trust based on the credibility and reliability of its projects.

In fact, at present we have trained approximately 2,000 professional agents in Police Car Driving Techniques, as well as 980 professional agents in Motorcycle Driving Techniques, and finally 200 Police Officers of the Port Authority. As of today, we have instructed a total of 3,484 students.


  • Rally driver
  • Efficient driving
  • Police driving
  • 4X4 driving
  • Events for companies
  • Motorcycle riding
  • Prevention of occupational hazards
  • Driveing improvement


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